Ti Anode Fabricators Scale Remover Form Water Which Is Used For Cooling Towers

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Ti Anode Fabricators Scale Remover Form Water Which Is Used For Cooling Towers

In order to overcome the limitations of conventional cooling water treatment, a removal of scale (free calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate) by electrolytic process, by using Platinum group precious metal oxide activated titanium electrolysers.

100% savings on chemical purchase.

20% to 40% savings on water usage.

5% to 15% lower on energy usage.

10 to 25% on labour cost.

Green Technology:o No chemical feed or discharge. Avoids the need of chemical treatment and dosing equipment. Save up to 80% of the blow-down water. 100% of the blow-down water can be recycled or reused for irrigation or service.Controls and kills bacteria, prevents growth of algae.


In the Cooling towers or the cooling system, the common (traditional) method of treatment for these problems entailed the use of chemicals and unguaranteed results. However, state of art electrolytic scale remover produces Oxidants in the water. Oxidants prevents the corrosion, Bio-fouling, Scaling, Micro-organism growth and spread of airborne bacteria.

mmo anode,Ru Ir titanium anode,Titanium anode

Packaging: Plastic or foam paper inside, carton or plywood case outside, or according to client's demand.

Delivery Time: 15-20 days after receiving payment, or as per your exact order.

mmo anode,Ru Ir titanium anode,Titanium anode


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