Titanium Electrodes Used in Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

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MMO Titanium Electrodes
Used in Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Sodium hypochlorite generator is a device for electrolyzing low concentrations of sodium salt to produce sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite, which oxidizes a variety of harmful substances in water, is a strong oxidizing agent and disinfectant. It is good, safe and convenient to use it to sterilize water.

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Sodium hypochlorite generator is widely used in industrial, agricultural, various water treatment and environmental disinfection. It covers many fields, such as industrial circulating water chlorination, hospital sewage treatment, table-ware disinfection, ward disinfection, drinking water disinfection, water disinfection in the swimming pool and the hotel, cyanide - containing industrial wastewater treatment, pulp bleaching, fiber bleaching, industrial wastewater treatment in electronics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and chemical areas, as well as poultry drinking water and environmental disinfection, etc..

  • Features of Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Equipment:

    1. Qixin type sodium hypochlorite generator is a reaction combination generator, for salt dissolving, dilute salt water deploying, dosing and sodium hypochlorite cycling all occur in a trough. It has the advantages of less cost, small occupation space, quick launch and flexible setting.

    2. Qixin type sodium hypochlorite generator is a combination of tubular, internal cooling, unipolar and          string phase. The matrix of the Qixin sodium hypochlorite generator anode is titanium, which is coated        with ruthenium dioxide, bearing the advantages of low potential and long span life. Each of it occurs      successively 200-300 hours for each time under normal operation. Qixin type sodium hypochlorite generator      processes in diaphragm-type natural circulation form. Therefore, salt utilization is high, so does the      electrolysis process current efficiency. Qixin type sodium hypochlorite generator has the advantages of         high yield, low energy consumption and low operating costs.

  • The Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Working Principle

  • Salt solution contains ions like Na+, H+, OH- and Cl-. According to the theory of electrolysis, whileinserting electrode at a certain voltage, electrolyte solution conducts due to the movement of ions andthe electrode reaction. Then, Cl-, OH- and other negative ions move towards the anode, and Na +, H + andother positive ions move towards the cathode, and the corresponding electrode discharge occurs,oxidation-reduction reaction takes place and generate corresponding materials. The electrolysis processof the brine solution is expressed by the following reaction equation: NaCl+H2O→NaClO+H2


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