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Our principle of service is based on respecting, understanding and creating values for our clients. And our concept is to offer solutions to our clients in a responsible manner. We will communicate our clients with our hearts and serve you with hearts as well.

  1. We will place ourselves in the position of our customers, understanding the need and sentiment of yours, and finding out the potential problems for clients in advance, solving them in the bud and preventing the worsening of problems.

  2. Sincerely we will regard our clients as friends, thinking for your needs and facilitate your business and development, which we are expected to earn the respect and confidence from you in return.

  3. We will complete our tasks and services in the manner of extreme perfection. We follow the rule that any enquiry, appeal or complaint from our clients would be carefully handled. Because we regard offering services as our business, the quality as our lives.

    We know slight negligence will harm our clients and leave lasting and spreading depression to our clients, which will do harm to the image of the enterprise as well. That is why we have proposed the concept fully-committed service. We will apply this standard to serve our clients both old and new to achieve the recognition and contentment from our clients.



Xuguang Industrial Park, Maying Town,Weibin District,Baoji city

Service hotline: 86-917-3803535

Service hours: Monday to Saturday8:30~17:30