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Baoji Qixin Titanium Co.,Ltd specializes in the research and production of the coated titanium anodes. It is fully engaged in the cooperation with various universities, professional research institutions and relevant enterprises in this field. Together they have built an information network platform on which helps gather all the research resources and necessary organizational functions . Thus an alliance of the closely-related research and development bodies has been created to enhance our anti-risk capability and realize the optimal arrangement with the lowest cost. So the present relationship between our company and our cooperating parties has evolved to a kind of both cooperation and competition. Our investment on the research has been reduced, pace accelerated. With full confidence, we are poised to improve our R & D capabilities, accelerate the pace of technological progress, and develop a new R & D mode in the near future.

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In order to build our company the leader in the coated titanium electrode and materials regarding to our strategy of conducting High Tech R & D,we will intensify the construction of our research institute, develop our core competence on coated titanium electrodes, and promote our technological progress and innovation. Based on the patented technology of the existing precious metal oxide coating, we will deepen the study of the precious metal oxide coating technology, carry out research on the advanced materials of platinum coated titanium electrode, and make breakthrough on coating processing technology and advanced coating materials. In addition, we will increase our R & D investment, expand the R & D personnel, and perfect the R & D management mechanism to ensure the implementation of our high-tech strategy about precious metal oxide coating. Our ultimate mission is to build and guarantee our companys core competitiveness, high-value and high growth. So enhancing the R & D input is a powerful way to increase the competitiveness of an enterprise, because its core competitiveness has been proved to be increasingly accumulated in the modern technology innovation and core technology application.


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